July 22, 2015

2015 LEGO Design Challenge at Columbus Museum of Art

The 2015 LEGO DESIGN CHALLENGE is a partnership between the Columbus Museum of Art (CMA), COSI, and Ohio History Connection (OHC). Open to builders of all ages and experience levels, the challenge promotes the creative use of LEGO bricks to explore transportation and architecture.

This fun contest has two high-level submission categories, youth (16 and under) and adult. Judges will use the base criteria to select finalists, which we can all use to rate our MOCs too (remember: less bias is more honest!).
  • Creative application of LEGO bricks
  • Imaginative design and concept
  • Difficulty of execution
  • Creative interpretation of challenge

For more, visit http://www.columbusmuseum.org/lego-contest/

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