July 15, 2015

LEGO Animal Trail at Wildfowl and Wetland Trust (WWT) in Gloucestershire, Coming to London in October

The trail will be open in Slimbridge to the public until 6 September 2015. Following this, it will travel to WWT in London (October 3 onward) and Martin Mere in Lancashire (November 28 onward) for Christmas. The designs are based on creatures the center helps to protect, which is doing us all and the environment a huge favor, so those of you who are fortunate to attend, remember to say THANK YOU!

For more information and for tickets, which can be purchased for a very nominal fee, visit the WWT's official website. This will make for a fun little outing for the entire family.

Sample some creations from the following BBC news stories: 1 | 2 (and picture source). There are also several pictures at this Gloucestershire Echo link.

An instantly recognizable artist name to LEGO enthusiasts such as myself is that of Thomas Poulsom, creator of the lovely flamingo pictured above (in the first image of this post). Poulsom's MOC creations led to us getting our hands on the fabulous LEGO Ideas Birds set (21301) earlier this year. I should add that the set is still available at Amazon at its retail price.

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